With our Live-Chat you are able to get in Contact with us at any time in realtime. When the Chat Window here on the Website is online, we are available for a Chat. Simply type your Message and press the Arrow. The Chat should normally be available for 8 to 12 hours a day).

If only the „Leave a message“ is displayed, we are not available at the moment. Then drop us a note by clicking on the „Leave a message“ or send an E-Mail to support(at) You’ll receive a reply within at least 24 hours.


If your problem gives no time to wait, please call your personal Express-Number that you have received when you became our customer. Our Express-Hotline is staffed 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a day.

80% of all Calls to this Hotline are answered immediately, the last 20% receive a callback within at least 4 hours by an employee who knows the installations at the customer (which is of course easy, when there is only one employee, but we have to tell it, as this is not normal, that the technician picking up the phone knows the customer and his installations exactly).


If a remote Control is necessary and we are in a chat or on the phone, please click here or on the Picture on the left to connect to our Support Server.


Support by Chat and E-Mail is generally free of charge as long we do not have to remote-control one of your computers!

Support by Remote Control, calls with support requests to one of our phone numbers or calls to the Express-Hotline are generally billable and will be charged in quarters of the hour with our normal hourly rate, except you experience an error in one of the Projects or Programs realized by us.

Customers with Platinum Support Contract or On Call Duty Contract pay a flatrate for using the Express-Support.


As a customer of Pohle & Schultes AG you choose the kind of support that is optimal for your current Situation: Have a look into your documentation and answer the question yourself, contact us by Chat for an immediate response (during our working hours) or send us an e-Mail if your question can take some time to be answered. Call our Express Number if we are offline and you can’t or don’t want to wait.

A basic Requirement for our Support is, that we get the time within our projects to create detailed documentations. This offers the additional advantage for our customers, that they are able to transfer the maintenance of our projects, if necessary, to anybody else who is familiar with the technical basics.

You’ll always get support from someone who knows your environment perfectly and is equipped with the necessary knowledge to help you. We know, that our Support Offerings are outstanding and we prove since 1997 that even a small company can provide great Support.

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